Selling and Service

How being an accountant inadvertently made me an excellent sales person


I cant stand the idea of selling. The idea of picking up the phone and trying to get a stranger to buy something from me fills me with dread. Which is why I never do it. Building and growing my own accountancy practice has taught me how being a good at sales and in my opinion this works best when you are not trying to sell at all.

Maybee it is not at first obvious how accountants are involved in sales, perhaps you too are in a job or industry where selling is not your main role. But trust me, if you deal with people or customers in any form, then you are selling whether you know it or not. Hopefully this blog will explain what I mean.

I have three simple tools in my arsenal which make me great at selling and these are as follows.

1)      Great belief in the service I provide: I believe in my ability to save my clients tax, sort out their business/financial problems and give a top-notch level of service. Me and my team fully believe that the solutions we provide to our clients are the best out there for a small business. I would argue that this is the cornerstone of everything else, if you don’t believe in what you are selling then don’t even bother, you will only be lying to yourself and the customer.

2)      Ask questions: By asking simple straight forward questions I understand better the problems facing my clients and how to solve them. Many people come to an accountancy firm with a preconceived idea about what we do. People normally think accountants are limited to drafting accounts and filing tax returns, but there is so much more, especially for a Chartered Accountant. By asking questions not only do I get to understand my clients business better but I know what problems they are facing and the solutions I can provide, which brings me onto the next point.

3)      Provide proactive solutions: Once I have understood a client’s problem I can then provide a solution. However, I take this a step further. Because we have experience over many years with many different businesses we know the problems that businesses will face through the lifecycle of their business. It is therefore not only about providing solutions to problems but being proactive in seeking out any issues that may affect a client.

By doing these three things I have found myself to be an effective sales person and only though helping people out. This is because clients come to me with a problem or several problems I solve it and end up being their partners in business.

Matthew Russell